Servo Spindle Motor Synchronous Servo Drivers

Basic Info

Model No.: FS100 series

Product Description

Product overview

FS100 series synchronous servo drivers are designed according to the market demands, which uses advanced control algorithm and realizes full digital speed control and position control. It also utilizes smart module (IPM) and DSP digital controlling technology and other advanced hardware platform, which are provided with advantages of simple operations, reliable performance, small volume, novelty appearance and high cost performance.

Product feature

◆Speed adjustable range: it reaches as high as ±5000rpm, and as low as ±0.1rpm in speed stabilizing running.
◆Strong overload capacity: the torque can reach 3 times the rated load.
◆High dynamic response: the bandwidth of the speed ring can reach 300Hz, and the speed change of impact load is small.
◆IO connector: each I/O connector adopts high-speed optical coupling isolation, its function can be programmed based on need (input interface can realize SVON, alarm clear, torque limit and emergency stop; output interface can realize directive function such as alarm, positioning completion and speed completion, make operation process more standardized), input interface is controlled by switch, relay and electrode open triode, output adopts darlington light coupling and can be connected with relay and light coupling, it`s more convenient for use.
◆Command input of analog quantity: speed/torque share the same analog terminal, they can be difference or single-ended input, range is -10V~+10V
◆Command input of positioning control: PULS/SIGN signals of high-speed optical coupling can be single-ended and differential input, CCW/CW/AB orthogonal pulse mode
◆Electronic gear ratio and command impulse will smoothing filtering and make it operate smooth and steady
◆ Resonance suppression: realize resonance suppression by adjusting inter parameter
◆Differential output for encoder signals, easy connection with upper control host
◆Defensive function: driving system has error detection function for overvoltage, under voltage, over current, overload, over speed and encoder abnormal and can display corresponding error code based on error phenomenon, realizing protective effect for hardware and equipment
◆Electromagnetic brake function: provide brake function for servo motor, for locking vertical or inclined working table which connected with motor, prevent workbench falling down due to power-losing of servo
◆Gain adjustment may adjust electric current loop, speed loop and position loop three control loops.

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