Servo spindle motor Servo Driver

Basic Info

Model No.: FS300

Product Description

Technical parameters

◆ Input voltage: 1AC220V±15%   3AC220V±15%  3AC380V±15%
◆ Power range: 220V level: 1.5kW~93kW; 380V level: 1.5kW~315kW
◆ Control mode: Sine wave closed loop vector control
◆ Torque characteristic: 300% torque output in cases of lower than the rated frequency of motor
◆ Amplitude limiting of torque: 0~300% nominal torque
◆ Torque accuracy: ±5%
◆ Control ratio of speed: higher than 1:5000
◆ Control accuracy of speed: ±0.02%
◆ Frequency resolution of numerical frequency: 0.01Hz
◆ Highest accuracy of positioning control: ±1 pulse
◆ Control range of position: 4Byte
◆ Time for acceleration and deceleration: 0.1~3000s free setting
◆ Braking torque: Externally installed dynamic braking resistor can reach as much as 300% nominal torque of the motor.
◆ Overload capacity: 300% rated current, 10s.
◆ Programmable analog input: two paths(10bit)
◆ Programmable analog output: two paths(8bit)
◆ 12-path programmable digital input, NPN/PNP switching,5-path OC output, 3-path relay output.
◆ Programmable impulse input: 0~300Kpps,A+B and PLUSE+DIR are optional.
◆ DMCL software platform: The controller is equipped with 8 groups of user programs and 1 group of user defined program.
◆ Mode of operation: Keyboard /terminal/communication
◆ Frequency setting: Many methods of frequency setting, such as keyboard /analog quantity /communication
◆ Digital input (DI): Multifunctional input such as servo launch and reset in cases of abnormality
Collector input and output are supported.
◆ Analog input (AI): 2-path analog input, which is an analogy of speed, torque and position 
◆ Status surveillance: The motor status displays the halt, acceleration, deceleration, constant speed and running status of programs. 
◆ Digital output (DO):5-path multifunctional programmable output
◆ PG frequency dividing output: Output drive of A/B/Z lines
◆ Analog quantity ouput (AO): 2-path analog voltage (current) output
◆ Protection function: overvoltage, undervoltage, Overcurrent, overload, superheat,phase loss, external malfunction, communication malfunction and PG malfunction, etc.
◆ IGBT temperature monitoring: Displaying the current IGBT temperature
◆ Controller fan control: Launch temperature of fan can be set.
◆ Launch of revolving speed tracking: The controller can track the motor speed when launching.
◆ Parameter protection function: Prevent the parameters of the actuator from accidental changes by setting of administrator passwords.
◆ Double-keyboard interface: Double-keyboards are supported, which are in synchronous control without mutual interference.
◆ Multi - functional MKY keys: Settings such as acceleration, deceleration and scram can be processed.
◆ Double RS485 interface: Standard Modbus RTU agreement, keyboard RS485 interface, and optional entirely isolated RS485 communication module.
◆Environment temperature: operating temperature -10℃~55℃(no condensation),storage temperature:-20℃~65℃(no condensation)
◆ Environment humidity: No less than 90%RH
◆ Height or vibration of environment: Lower than 1000m:lower than 5.9m/s²(0.6g)
◆ Cooling methods: Forced cooling, natural cooling, water cooling.

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