BD338 Series Special Inverters For Rotary Cutter

Basic Info

Model No.: BD338

Product Description

BD338 Product Overview

BD338 series high performance rotary lathe dedicated inverter is of high speed digital control chip and advanced control algorithm. This inverter is specially designed for the rotary lathe market and featured with fast response, high torque at low speed etc. It is able to output 180% of the rated torque in 0.5Hz.

 Product Feature

◆ The starting torque is high enough against complicated rotary objects. Strong rotary torque and uniform output are guaranteed when motor cuts heavily at low speed. The inverter also ensures the stability of rotary-cut and restart working of sudden stop at high speed.

◆ Through real time high speed dynamic operation, rotary thickness is always kept around the set point or normal rotary values within ±0.1mm of error precision. Machines with excellent mechanical lubrication and precise bonding process could decrease error into ±0.05mm.

◆ Super decelerating and breaking power guarantee the requirement of knife`s  sudden stop at high speed.

◆ High adaptability: In consideration of in-field use features of rotary lathe, its normal operation could be realized with wide range design of working voltage, constant output torque in fluctuate voltage and 60% of rated voltage. This technology will be extremely outstanding in circumstances of violent grid fluctuation. 

◆ Adjustable Wide Velocity Range: Fast rotary speed, high efficiency, satisfaction of application in fields with superior requirements of plate line speed

◆ Various combinations of sensors are provided to meet customers` needs ultimately.

Technical parameters

◆ Input voltage:1AC220V±15%  3AC220V±15%  3AC380V±15%

◆ Power range:1.5kW~15kW

◆ Input frequency:47~63Hz,power factor≥95%

◆ Control mode:Non-PG vector control and V/F control, V/F control has three kinds of curve such as linear type, multipoint and multiple powers

◆ Source of operation instruction:given by panel, terminal and RS485 communication.

◆ Source of given frequency:given by panel figure, analog quantity, RS485 serial communications, multi-speedsimple PLC and PID etc.

◆ Overload capacity:type B :150% rated current 60s.180% rated current10s; type P 120% rated current 60s.150% rated current 10s

◆ Pull-in torque: 0.5Hz/180%(non-PG vector control(SVC)),range of speed 1:100(SVC),control accuracy of speed ±0.5%(SVC)

◆ Carrier frequency:1.0kHz~15.0kHz,and can be automatically adjusted according to temperature and load characteristic.

◆ Frequency resolution:the given digital value is 0.01Hz,and the analog quantity is given as the highest frequency plus 0.1%

◆ Torque elevation:Manual torque can elevate 0~30%

◆ Brake:DC braking when starting and closing down.

◆ Automatic voltage regulation:Automatically keep the output voltage stable during voltage fluctuations.

◆ Input and output terminal:6 DI input terminal,and can be extended for another 4, which contains one high speed pulse terminal;

                          1 digital output terminal,2 relay output terminal and 1 extendable high speed pulse terminal;

                          2 analog input and 2 analog output that can be extended for another 2.

◆ LED can display set frequency, output frequency, output voltage, current output etc;

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